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Our Vegan Range

Created to help you #fuelbetter

Our Vegan range is the perfect real-food for performance sport. Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally.

It includes Hydration Mixes, Energy & Recovery Bars plus Energy Nectars (Gels) too - all specifically designed to provide the optimal balance of 100% natural energy, protein, electrolytes & nutrients from entirely plant-based ingredients...

Natural Vegan Bars

For before, during & after exercise, our range of bars provide award-winning quality, performance & taste - perfect for gym sessions, runs, rides & an active lifestyle.

Real Hydration

Stay hydrated using 100% natural ingredients - our all-new electrolyte range uses real fruit, dried coconut water & the planets purest electrolytes to provide a deliciously light tasting & balanced mix.

All-New Nectars

Everything.Just.Changed. Our break-through range of 100% natural energy Nectars offers all the power & minerals you need for fast, balanced & sustained energy when you need it.

Only the finest ingredients

Based on an ancient Italian fortifier, originally carried by the Roman Legions, our recipes are naturally free from gluten, dairy, additives & preservatives… making them easily & naturally digestible, free from any nasties.

#realfood performs best

Unlike heavily-engineered synthetically made nutrition products, Veloforte is handmade to provide the optimal balance of 100% natural, performance enhancing carbohydrates, essential proteins & minerals.

Natural, Powerful & Delicious

Our bars are the only nutrition products to have ever won multiple Gold at the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its performance characteristics & taste and together they provide the finest Vegan fuel available.

Veloforte | 100% Natural Energy
Veloforte | Natural Electrolytes
Veloforte | Natural Botanicals & Minerals
Veloforte | 100% Natural Real Fruit Ingredients
Veloforte | Dual-Source Carbohydrates | 100% Natural
Indy/Best Winner 2019 - Best All-Natural Energy Food

"Our 2019 all-natural winner - the standout option for refuelling on the go!"

The Independent

Runner's World - Best Energy Bar

"Brilliant & powerful. If there's a tastier way to fuel, we're yet to find it!"

Runner's World Magazine

Men's Health - Best Energy Bar

"Rocket-fuel that tastes amazing. It's everything you need to train hard"

Men's Health Magazine


Created to help you #fuelbetter, our products are made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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