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Our Protein Bars

Created to help you #fuelbetter our products are the perfect real-food for performance sport.

Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally our Protein bars are specifically created to provide the optimal balance of essential nutrients and are the most powerful 100% natural products on the market today.

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Refuel with complete protein

Fuelling for exercise is well understood, but it's essential that you fuel for your recovery too. The best way to do this is with complete protein and the optimal balance of 100% natural ingredients.

With a ratio of 3:1 (Carbohydrate:Protein), each Forza bar has enough of the essential stuff to kick start your recovery...

Protein Bar Packs

Each pack contains a mix of bars providing the optimal balance of natural energy, protein & fibre.
All recipes are either naturally vegan or vegetarian and contain between 6-12g of protein per bar.

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Vegan Fuelling... A mix of salted, caffeine & ginger options provide exceptional energy whilst easing digestion & supporting muscle soreness... Read more

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Salted, Caffeine & Protein options get you going, keep you going and help you recover - offering balanced energy, digestion & hydration... Read more

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Endurance sport puts unique demands on the body, so getting the right nutrition before, during and after is essential. This pack is finest way to get the balanced energy you need... Read more

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Running, cycling, working-out or competing... this 7-bar pack offers you the chance to try our whole range in one simple box - from training to recovery, it's a one-stop shop ... Read more

Complete Protein

Protein can be consumed in a number of forms but it is important to understand that all protein is not equal. To facilitate muscle repair your body requires a ‚Äėcomplete‚Äô protein, one which contains all 9 essential amino acids.

#realfood performs best

When we work our bodies hard we need to give them the best chance to Recover. Our bodies respond best to a specific ratio of 3:1 carbs:protein in order to get the most effective energy restoration and muscle repair.

Unlike heavily-engineered synthetic products, Veloforte is handmade to provide the optimal balance and 100% natural performance.

Natural, Powerful & Delicious

We all want to eat delicious, nutrient-rich food without it having to be powdery, heavy, synthetic gloop full of ingredients we can't pronounce.

Our bars are the only nutrition products to have ever won the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its performance characteristics & taste and together they provide you with the World's finest endurance nutrition.

Indy/Best Winner 2019 - Best All-Natural Energy Food

"Our 2019 winner - the standout option for refuelling on the go!"

The Independent

Runner's World - Best Energy Bar

"Brilliant & powerful. If there's a tastier way to fuel, we're yet to find it!"

Runner's World Magazine

Men's Health - Best Energy Bar

"Rocket-fuel that tastes amazing. It's everything you need to train hard"

Men's Health Magazine

The #fuelbetter blog

From protein to recovery and guides on how to train, our blog is where we take nutrition back to basics and celebrate real people using real-food to do amazing things.

Whether you ride, run, work-out or just enjoy an active lifestyle, learn how natural, powerful & delicious nutrition can help you #fuelbetter.

How protein helps...


Created to help you #fuelbetter, our bars & bites are made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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