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Bites Bags


Allergen Advice

Mixed is the way to go

Our mixed Bites Bag give you access to our whole range, keeping your palette fresh and happy to eat, any time, all day long. 

Developed for the Maserati | Morvelo | Basso Race Team & Virgin Strive Challenge, our Bites are perfect for those who prefer to fuel on-the-go, with little & often, hassle-free access to their nutrition. They’re everything you love about our bars, simply pre-cut  into bites. Easy pickings!

No matter how you like to fuel, our nutrition is stuffed full of 100% natural ingredients - Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Preservative-Free, GM-Free and The Ciocco is Free from Gluten too… making them all utterly delicious, powerful, easily and naturally digestible... free from any nasties. 

The Classico

Classico is based on an ancient recipe. It is an exceptional mix of fruits, nuts & spices and is brilliant on-bike nutrition. It's light, fresh, incredibly delicious and keeps you going all-day. Citrus-peel, almonds, honey & spices make The Classico a favourite.

The Ciocco

Ciocco is about performance and flavour.
Crammed with chewy dates, crunchy almonds and enriching cocoa this Ciocco Veloforte is hard to beat.
Not only is it powerful on-bike performance enhancement, it works wonderfully as an after-ride recovery bar too. Deep, rich & powerful.

The Di Bosco

Di Bosco means 'from the forest'. It's crammed full of red berries, strawberries, sour cherries, rosemary, lemon, honey and more. It's superb endurance nutrition and as delicious as nature can be.

Pack options: 

1 Pack: One Mixed Bites Bag is the equivalent of 3 x single bars.

Keeps you going all day, in a convenient zip-lock bag, free from moisture and easily accessible.

3 Packs: A box of 3 Mixed Bites Bags is the equivalent of 9 bars.

Works brilliantly for long weekends, Gran Fondo's or when you know you'll be training back-to-back.

5 Packs: A Box of 5 Mixed Bites Bags is the equivalent to 15 bars.

Great for typical multi-day challenges, providing you with superb natural performance throughout your event and recovery.

8 Packs: A box of 8 Mixed Bites Bags is the equivalent to 24 bars.

Perfect for events, training camps, race weekends or an endurance challenge stage. Offering the best value, these boxes give you the finest real food endurance nutrition available, when and where you need it.

All Veloforte bars are freshly handmade to order. They last 9 months when stored in a cool dry place.